Hearing for 23-year-old accused of killing friend over $3

Two Benton Harbor families are ripped apart after a 20-year-old was reportedly shot and killed over $3.

Davon Lewis' family broke their silence following the June 14th shooting and talked exclusively to ABC57's Alexandra Koehn. 

Thymisha Simmons said her half-brother is the defendant and he’s accused of killing her boyfriend, the father of her one-year-old girl.

Simmons said, “I get ready to cry every time I hear them say 'Tyshawn murdered Davon' or something like that.”

On Wednesday morning a preliminary hearing was held for Tyshawn Yates to determine whether there was probable cause to go to trial.

Simmons said, “I’m definitely rooting for Davon because I feel like wrong is wrong family or not.”

Simmons said her daughter, Promise Lewis, is growing up without a father.

Simmons said, “She just reminds me a lot of him, and I would just tell her that he loved her a lot.”

Inside the court room Yates pleaded not guilty to four felonies.

The charges include open murder, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, and felony firearm. 

After hearing testimony from a Michigan State Trooper and reading witness statements, Judge Angela Pasula said there was probable cause to go to trial.

Pasula said, “The defendant took about $3 from the victim, it was something that went on during the course of a dice game and the defendant did not want to give that money back.” 

Yates' family sat on the left side of the court room and Lewis' family sat on the right during the hearing.

Several members of Lewis' family were wearing t-shirts that said "Rest in Peace." 

The victim's father said all he feels is anger. 

John Lewis said, "I wanted to kill him. I wanted to take his life away like he took my son’s life.”

Lewis said the violent way his son died is all too familiar. 

Lewis said, “A year before that I got shot in my stomach. Then I turn around and a year later that same month my son gets shot in his stomach over $3." 

Judge Pasula also pointed out that in July of 2011, Yates pleaded guilty to a firearm felony and he was not supposed to have a gun. 

Judge Pasula set a trial date for November 3rd. 

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