Henderson family react to Davis-Martin guilty verdict

NOW: Henderson family react to Davis-Martin guilty verdict


South Bend—

The family of Jodie Henderson was very emotional moments after hearing the verdict.

It took jurors just over two hours to find 23-year-old Jabreeh Davis-Martin --guilty of murdering Jodie in January 2016.

It was argued that Jabreeh attacked Henderson because he was gay and hit on him. 

Jodie’s mother and sister were among the vocal family members still looking for justice.

“If someone would’ve called 911, my brother would’ve still been here,” said Lucille Henderson-Benton, Jodie’s sister.

This crime scene on Sorin Street haunted the Henderson's for more than a year.

Jodie, an army veteran, was badly beaten and left to die out in the cold.

But they say Thursday, justice for Jodie finally came.

“Oh my god, it’s over, justice for Jodie,” said Patricia Forrest, Jodie’s mother.

A guilty verdict for Martin came three days after the trial started, even though investigators say trial was riddled with lies by Martin’s family.

“It makes our jobs harder and that’s the complications is having to weed through 19 untruths as opposed to the truth,” said Brian Cook, Metro Homicide investigator.

The Hendersons are still pushing for the truth and they’re calling for those who had a hand in his death to face the justice too.

“Jabreeh went to jail for murder, but everybody else need to come right behind it,” said Lucille. “Everybody else that was involved need to come right behind it.”

For now they have some justice knowing that at least one person connected to his death will spend much of his life behind bars.

But they make it clear, justice for Jodie isn't over.

Patricia says she will continue push for hate crime legislation in the state of Indiana.

Martin will be sentenced July 21.

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