Henryville residents say thank you to thousands of volunteers

HENRYVILLE, Ind. -- Just six months after a deadly tornado ripped through a small southern Indiana town things are starting to return to normal.

Folks in Henryville are taking a break this Labor Day weekend to thank all those who have worked over the last several months to help rebuild the town.

Residents came together to host a picnic as a thank you to the more than 10,000 volunteers who have helped made Henryville get back on its feet.

There is plenty more work ahead but the town is ready.

"It's good to pause and take a look of stock of where we've been cause now we can move ahead more enthusiastically and more energy to address the needs of the larger part that remains to be done," said Fatehr Steven Schaftlein.

Homes, businesses and even the town's school have been rebuilt.

Kids actually went back to school early last month.

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