Henryville students headed back to school

HENRYVILLE, Ind. -- There is good news for families in tornado-ravaged Henryville.

Students there will finally be headed back to school.

Henryville schools were nearly destroyed in last week's tornadoes.

Now, school officials have worked out temporary locations for classes, some about 10 miles outside of town.

Students may be able to get back to work as early as next week.

But they will have to accept some very different surroundings.

"I'm hoping to keep my kids together. I have an 8th grader, a 7th grader, and a kindergartner, and we're just hoping they're all going to go to the same school," said Andrea Martin.

High school juniors and seniors will stay together and are hoping to start by April 2.

The elementary school will most likely start the week of March 19.

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