Heroes save elderly from burning apartments

NOW: Heroes save elderly from burning apartments

PONTIAC, Mich. -- Two men in Michigan are being called heroes after running into a burning building and helping senior citizens get to safety.

"Me and my brother actually carried one lady down the stairs," said Kenneth Breaux.

Kenneth Breaux and his brother Joseph Jones may have saved a lot of lives after running into West Manor Senior Apartments in Pontiac as it burst into flames carrying out seven senior citizens.

"We was at a family reunion and seen the building on fire and I said ‘hey man my stepmother lives in that building,” said Jones.

Jones says initially the two searched for his stepmother, Shirley Jones, but they couldn’t locate her.

"When she didn't answer we went door to door trying to get all the people out that we could get,” he said.

With time running out and the fire spreading quickly, the brothers realized it was too dangerous to run back in a fourth time.

"I’d be surprised if everybody made it out,” said Jones.

As the time passed and family members desperately and frantically searched for their loved ones and wondered if everyone made it out, finally, a sigh of relief.

"Sounds like everybody got out. As far as i know everyone has been accounted for,” said Battalion Chief Steve Bridger.

With word everyone made it out safely, Pontiac City councilman Kermit Williams says there is still a major crisis to deal with.

"Make sure the Red Cross; I know they're out here. And make sure they have a permanent place to stay. Because that's the phase of this,” said Williams.

These two brothers downplay what they did was heroic, and say all they can think about is where these displaced residents will sleep.

“There’s going to be a lot of homeless people out here tonight. For this to happen on a holiday weekend, it's just sad,” said Breaux.

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