High gas prices are not stopping Memorial Day travel plans for many

St. Joseph, Mich – Despite the St. Joseph and Benton Harbor area having some of the highest gas prices in the state of Michigan many people say they will follow through with their Memorial Day travel plans. 

“Well it’s unfortunate that the prices are high, in the area we live in west of Chicago we have some pretty good gas prices I think I paid $2.62 per gallon today,” frequent traveler to St. Joseph Ken Brown said. 

The average price gas per gallon for this week in the St. Joseph and Benton Harbor area is $2.88 per gallon.  

According to fuel experts there re many factors that factor into the cost of gas. 

“In Michigan you look at on path perspective it tends to be on the high side so does the U.P. the upper peninsula that has a lot to do with the fact that St. Joseph is not a huge city and does not have a whole lot of competition plus it’s near a major thoroughfare like I-94,” DeHaan said. 

According to a study conducted by Gassbuddy.com only 38% of the study’s respondents said they would change their plans because of fuel prices. 

“When it starts to get over $3 per gallon then it starts to affecting holiday plans but thankfully it’s not too bad yet,” St. Joseph resident Joe Kolenko said. 

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