High gas prices impacting local transportation business

NOW: High gas prices impacting local transportation business

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Rising gas prices are fueling new challenges for many transportation businesses nationwide and at home.

Everyone’s feeling stressed out with the increased prices in gas, including local transportation businesses like Reveille Transpo.

The owner and founder, Ernesto Rivas said the increase in gas prices is causing his business to take a hit.

They're partnering with local gas stations and using apps like Gas Buddy to help find deals.

“We had eight buses on route, and we were pushing them to their capabilities. But, what we found was that we were wasting more gas and more manpower driving those. So, we’ve consolidated and kind of made it shorter trips and made them easily accessible, especially for our drivers,” Rivas said.

Right now, gas prices are averaging $4.31 a gallon nationwide. Rivas said it's putting a strain on his transportation service.

Since prices have gone up, he's had to cut back and now has four operational buses on the route, with two of those buses being gas-fueled, which he said has been draining his wallet.

He’s filling up his tanks twice a day, which is costing him anywhere between $130 and $210. He says to help alleviate the cost; he’s had to make some changes.

“Before we use to end our shift, and go back home, and let the other drivers take off, we’re having them stay in place. And then, whatever money we save on gas, then it goes to the drivers. So, we’re just trying to come up with an idea or a plan to preserve profits and make them,” Rivas said.

Rivas said his company is looking into other buses that are more fuel-efficient.

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