High school students volunteer at prom for disabled teens

The Logan Center hosted a prom for teenagers and young adults with disabilities Saturday night.

A student volunteer group from Penn High School helped out at the fourth annual event.

“Sometimes they don’t actually get the opportunity to go to prom. So to be able to give them this opportunity is very nice, not only for them but also for us,” said Neal Nidea, President of the Dream Commission Society.

The Dream Commission Society helps out with a few events for the folks at the Logan Center every year.

“You start to build relationships with these kids and they’re just so fun to talk to and I know how we would feel going to our prom so to be able to throw one for them I think is really special,” said Lexi Marks, Vice President of the Dream Commission Society.

Spreading a message of inclusion, the Penn students say spending time at the Logan Center is equally special to them.

“It’s such a great experience, it’s honestly life changing,” said Savannah Day, Treasurer of the Dream Commission Society.

“I think we get a whole new insight to the world. They’re our age, they like to have fun, and do things that normal teenagers like to do,” said Nuha Zackariya, Secretary of the Dream Commission Society.

Along with the team at Logan Recreation, Barb De Roo and Diana Taylor organized the prom.

For more information about the resources at the Logan Center, click here.

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