High-tech smart collar can track your pet's health

NOW: High-tech smart collar can track your pet’s health

If you’ve ever wondered how your furry friend is feeling, a high-tech collar can tell you right on your smartphone.

The PetPace smart collar is a wireless device that has sensors and collects your dog or cat’s vital signs and behavior patterns including temperature, pulse, calorie consumption and respiration.

You and your vet can both download an app that lists all of your pet’s information.

“A dashboard gives you a summary of the pets condition and you also get alerts and push notifications if there is something that needs to catch your attention,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, a co-founder of PetPace.

“People are interested now more than ever in kind of tracking their pet’s health and making sure that they’re taking good care of them,” said Dr. Molly King, a veterinarian at the South Bend Animal Clinic.

The collar can be a life-saving product in some cases. One cat owner was able to get her pet treatment in the early stages of a serious condition.

“She put the collar on her cat, got very abnormal values and took it to the vet and found out that the cat actually has hypothyroidism,” said Dr. Dagan.

PetPace is available online and is not yet available in stores. Dr. Molly King thinks if it becomes a standard, the collar can be useful.

“If it was something that was proven to be accurate and could give us a lot of information, I think it could be really helpful,” said Dr. King.

For more information on PetPace, click HERE.

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