Hit and run injures two bicyclists in Goshen

Goshen, IN -- Frederick Blosser has lived on Bashor Rd for years.

But he still isn't used to all the fast cars that come whizzing by his house.

"Well, what I call it is, 'Baby U.S. 33'," Blosser said.

He was headed home from breakfast this morning when he noticed several police and firetrucks just a few doors down. Curious, he asked what was going on.

"When I come home, police just said a bunch of bicyclists just got hit," Blosser said.

He's surprised somebody would hit two bicyclists and then speed off, but he's not shocked an accident happened on his road.

"They just drive over and past the speed limit all the time," Blosser said. "At least, 20 miles per hour."

Blosser said drivers have been known to do at least fifty to sixty miles per hour on a road that limits thirty-five. He wants people to slow down, because there's not just bicyclists riding down Bashor Rd; kids live nearby too.

"Seems like they're in a hurrty to get some place, and someday they will," Blosser said.

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