Holy Cross Church cleaning up after fire

A South Bend church is adjusting its holiday schedule after heavy smoke took over one of it’s most important rooms.

The principal of Holy Cross School, which sits right next to Holy Cross Church says the damage could have been very significant if the few people who were inside hadn't been there to call 911.

Nevertheless, the church is scrambling to make changes.

Wednesday night, the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry inside the church sustained heavy smoke damage after a small fire broke out in a backroom.

Investigators tell ABC 57 News the fire was an accident and was caused by improperly discarded items used with staining products.

Church officials say there was no visible fire inside the food pantry but several items in that room will have to be thrown out.

“We see ourselves as anchor in this neighborhood that’s why outreach there, it is a well-established church and community proud to be in south bend and serve those in neighborhood,” said Holy Cross School Principal Angela Budzinski.

And although the church wont be able to serve people inside their building for the time being, officials say they will begin working with the St. Vincent de Paul center on Bendix Drive to make sure the community’s needs continue to be met.

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