Homeless shelters at capacity with freezing temperatures

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As windchills hit 20 below zero, a lot of Michiana locals are looking for a place to keep warm.  Project Warm in South Bend is doing their part in offering a warm place to sleep.  

"This morning it was absolutely brutal," says Duane Lightner.  

He got to Hope Ministries shelter just in time. With only 30 beds, and temperatres expected to drop below zero, he didn't want to be caught in the cold.

"I can't imagine being out there on the streets," says Lightner.  

Hope Ministries Project Warm is doing what they can to keep these men from being out in the freezing temperatures.  

"It's really important, their lives depend on it," says Justin Boehm, one of the security guards at Project Warm.  

Project Warm will be offering beds through the month of March.  

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