Honoring military families by plowing snow

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - It isn't easy clearing out after a snow storm and now a team of snow plowing companies are coming together to help military families.

The nationwide campaign is catching on across Michiana. It provides snow removal services to military families with a spouse or family member serving away from home.

Mike Kletka, of South Bend, has been plowing snow for 26 years. Kletka joined the program two years ago.

"Last year I had one email contact, I got in touch with hem and never heard back," Kletka said.

He currently has 12 accounts that he serves when there is two or more inches of snow on the ground. He is willing to take on a couple military families for free.

"I'm hoping it will be a family with kids and somebody that can really use the help. I know the snow isn't easy to deal with and it comes at the worse times."

The program, called SnowCare for Troops has connected several plow service companies with families in our area.

If you are a military family or know of one that we can connect Mike with in South Bend that would like to take advantage of this free service e-mail Brian Dorman at [email protected].


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