Hoosier Lotto pays out $145,000; but not for a winning ticket

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Hoosier Lottery is defending some pricey purchases!

Records show it cost $145,000 to move into a newly renovated building in Indianapolis.

The lottery also bought new furniture, including a $24,000 weight room, and $800 chairs for the employee break room!

Are these extravagant purchases? Maybe; but the Executive Director says sometimes you have to spend more money upfront to save in the long run.

"It can be maintained over time. So, is it smarter to buy a cheaper one and replace it two or three times? Or is it smarter to buy better quality?” asked Kathyrn Densborn, the Lottery Executive Director.

"I need to be lean, smart, efficient, and productive."

"If this is what keeps my employees here. Look at my balance sheet."

Densborn says the new location also saves $105,000 a year on parking!

Last year, the Hoosier Lotto generated about $740 million in sales for the state.

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