Hoosier voter registration increases, more people want their voices heard

The 2016 Presidential Election countdown is now 27 days away. The last day to register to vote for residents of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio is Tuesday at 11:59 pm.

Many Hoosiers are using every last minute to make sure that they get the chance to vote.

Record numbers of people registering to vote, have been seen across the state, including Michiana.  

Here is the breakdown on some of those numbers:

In 2008, St. Joseph County had 198,291 registered voters.  Elkhart County had 115,496 voters, and the state of Indiana saw just over 4.5 million registered Hoosiers.

Four years later, in 2012, those numbers increased.  St. Joseph County jumped to 204, 919 voters, with Elkhart at 124,643. Indiana as a whole, saw an increase of a couple thousand, keeping the number still in the 4.5 million range.

Now, in 2016, the preliminary registration numbers have be released.  As of Tuesday afternoon, St. Joseph County had 210,184 registered voters, and Elkhart County had 133,789 registered voters.  In Indiana, a total of 4.7 million Hoosiers were registered to vote. 

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