Horse ranch that helps special needs children may close

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- A Plymouth horse therapy farm dedicated to helping children with special needs is at risk of losing everything because the owner can no longer afford the rent.

Tears fell as students and trainers realized they soon may not be able to ride at Dreamcatcher Ranch anymore.

The ranch has been operating for 20 years, but it may close on July 30th.

That’s devastating news for those who have been helped there.

"Yes it will. I have seen so many miracles with the horses and with the kids and when they leave here, they take the miracle with them. And they take it into their life and it's beautiful,” said Chris Engle of Dreamcatcher Ranch.

Engle says the horses have become friends to abused children.

"They saw what the power of prayer can do, not only in their lives but they could see it right there and god showed them. And that's why it is so important to have this land. It's sacred land and I'd like to be able to save it,” said Engle.

Katelyn Brashere says riding has helped her little sister emotionally and physically through tough times.

"Some kids may not have an unconditional relationship and it teaches them to learn to love something that's going to love them back no matter what,” said Brashere.

If you would like to donate, contact Engle at 574-952-8661.

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