Hot and humid Sunday; thunderstorm chances start tonight

NOW: Hot and humid Sunday; thunderstorm chances start tonight

Sunday is hot and humid to end the weekend. Most of the day will stay dry for any outdoor plans. Remember to take care of yourself if you’re heading outside. Temperatures reach a high in the upper 80s this afternoon, and it will feel like the low 90s with humidity. Overnight there is a chance for showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Temperatures will reach a low of 72. Monday there is a round of morning showers and thunderstorms. The afternoon and evening are briefly dry before a second round of thunderstorms late. Monday is also hot and humid, with a high of 88 again. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday look mostly dry with a chance for a few pop up showers or thunderstorms. Friday there is a better chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will stay in the low to mid 80s each day this week.


Today: Mostly sunny. Hot and humid. High 88.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with showers overnight. Low 72.

Monday: Showers and thunderstorms early. Dry afternoon/evening. Thunderstorms overnight. High 88.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Chance for isolated shower or thunderstorm. High 84.


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