200 new apartments headed to Mishawaka's east side

NOW: 200 new apartments headed to Mishawaka’s east side

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — the housing boom in the Princess City continues.

Another development went before the common council Monday, looking to build new apartments on the city’s eastside.

“This is the Far East Side of our city and we are seeing housing opportunities all throughout the city which is really encouraging for the growth of our city,” said Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood.

There are quite a few housing options on Vistula Road, but the developers at Troyer Group are looking to add more.

They have 205 new units in the pipeline for 20 acres of land just East of Bittersweet Road.

It’s the latest interest to build in a city experiencing a boom.

“We’re seeing diversity in the types of housing that are being built too,” said Mayor Wood.

The layout for the development looks to create a neighborhood within the space more suitable for smaller families.

Meanwhile, development along the Riverwalk downtown and the planned expansion of Grandview aims to attract folks looking for high-end luxury units.

This latest multimillion dollar addition looks to continue the momentum of private investment.

For years now, the city has seen steady growth in new construction costs.

In 2014, the city saw just under $68 million in private development.

By 2016, it reached 98 million.

Last year, the city saw $100+ million in new development.

“We think it was maybe one of our one of our best years ever in terms of development it was certainly our biggest year since the great recession,” said Mayor Wood.

And local leaders are hoping a growth in development could lead to a growth in the city’s population.

“Attracting people to live in the princess city is one of our top priorities right now so we’re seeing a great amount of housing that’s helping us achieve that goal,” said Mayor Wood.

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