Local woman raises awareness and money for foster care with new cookbook

NOW: Local woman raises awareness and money for foster care with new cookbook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Cooking is how she shows her love for us,” says Alex Pecina, author of La Cucina Del Pecina. “Sunday dinner every weekend at their house that was our religion, it was church, then it was dinner at grandmas that was family day” 

For Alex Pecina, cooking is second nature. But her passion for the kitchen comes from something far greater than mastering the perfect balance of flavor. 

“And I love to cook, for Alex’s friends and everybody, I love to cook for people and I love when they come to my house for dinner,” says Catherine Olivia, Alex’s grandmother.  

Alex's grandma moved to the United states from Italy. She first passed along her love for cooking to her own daughter, Mary. 

“Well cooking is our love language. It brings the family and friends together, it is how we show our love,” says Mary Del Pilar, Alex’s mother. “Yes, I made little aprons for all 3 of my kids and put their hand prints on them, and I just put them in the kitchen and they just started cooking along with me.” 

Now, Alex is using this multi-generational love for cooking... for change. Alex is the author of La Cucina Del Pecina. The cookbook features recipes and hosting tips from both Alex, and of course, her mother and grandma. However, it is the cause behind the cooking that shows this really is the family’s love language. 

“I once heard this quote that find what breaks your heart and that is where God wants you to serve, so I took that and I am all for these children and blessing them this Christmas,” says Alex. 

100 percent of the profits from Alex’s cookbook go toward KidsPeace Foster Care in South Bend. After recently losing a family member, Alex was opened up to the needs of kids in the foster care system. 

“I didn’t even know this was a need this was not even on my heart it is so amazing what God puts in your path and I feel like I just had my palms up answering like yes this is what you need from me, this is what I will do.”

Heidi Meier is a board member at KidsPeace. She explains a little over 30 children in St. Joseph county are in need of a home. This is a cause close to her own heart. 

“Kids Peace is important to me because I am an adoptee and I have 3 adopted kiddos, I think there is a huge need for understanding when families are not perfectly in place and need help for the kiddos,” says Meier. 

And Alex’s grandmother could not be prouder to have Alex write down her secrets of the kitchen, but also to help children in the community along the way. 

“Alex is very benevolent, big heart and hard worker and she love very much whatever she do and she is a good cook she learn everything from the book and she will cook for friends family, and for me everything, and I love Alex very much all of my grandchildren,” says Catherine. 

For Alex, she hopes this cookbook inspires others this holiday season to find a cause and make a difference, in any way that you can! 

“If you cannot do big things in big ways, you do small things in small ways” 

Order her cookbook here. Support KidsPeace or learn further information here.

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