The sun's impact on the flu outbreak

We've had a fair amount of sun this month, for a time of year when the sunshine is usually sparse. Many people have been trying to soak in the sunshine to boost their moods and get some Vitamin D, however, what many do not know is that the sun cannot provide Vitamin D to us, here in Michiana, during the winter.

Today, the sun only made it into the sky at a 31.1 degree angle above the horizon. At this angle, the UVB rays from the sun, that produce Vitamin D, cannot make it through the ozone and to our earth’s surface. The sun has to be at a 50 degree angle or higher for UVB rays to make it to the ground.

The next time the sun will be at a 50 degree angle over Michiana will be March 24th. This means that the sun cannot provide us with Vitamin D until then. This is part of the reason why people get sick during the winter, and why the flu is spreading right now. Vitamin D helps with the immune system, brain health, bone health and more, but we lack our natural intake of Vitamin D during the winter. The sun can still help to boost peoples' moods because of the light. However, in order to stay healthy during the winter, and potentially avoid the flu, you should take Vitamin D supplements and make sure to eat foods with the vitamin.



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