How to keep up with your New Year's resolution goals

NOW: How to keep up with your New Year’s resolution goals

ELKHART, Ind.- One Elkhart fitness professional says changing your mindset in order to reach your fitness goals is important.

Sergio Seminario, owns a fitness center in Elkhart called Provida Fitness. He is helping those who have fitness goals achieve them even in this cold weather.

The center opened in 2012 and has since grown. Seminario makes sure that no two classes are the same.

“They always ask me what are we going to do and I say it’s going to be different than the last week for sure,” he says. “The idea is to keep their body shocked, doing something new. That’s what creates the results you always want to have something different, fun and challenging.”

Seminario says joining his fitness program is pretty simple. There is no contract you have to sign or extra fees you have to pay, except your 20 dollars a month.

Seminario offers three classes per week on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

What’s different about this fitness center isn’t the weight room or the built in running track, rather the way they approach their client, getting to know them while helping them attack their New Year’s resolutions.

“Sometimes we don’t have the right motivation. If your motivation is too general you might start okay, but then that might fade a little and that’s what makes most people let go of that desire to change,” says Seminario. “That something we help with here too.”

Sunday marks two weeks since the New Year so this is the perfect chance to start. Nutrition as we know is huge part of keeping up with your health plan and at this facility they help you with that as well.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page.

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