How to keep your devices safe in cold temperatures

NOW: How to keep your devices safe in cold temperatures

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- It’s cold out there! With temperatures dropping into the negatives next week people are advised to protect their devices.

ABC57 looked into tips from experts to keep your technology as safe and damage free as possible.

Technology safety tips:

· Keep a protective phone case on hand in order to prevent screens from cracking in cold weather

· The cold drains battery life faster so keep a charger and or portable charger nearby

· Power down your devices if out in the cold for long periods of time and allow devices to reboot when in a warm space

· Bundle up devices and keep in your pockets so they can gain warmth from body heat

· If you have a backup phone available keep it with you

· Use touch screen gloves if you have to use your phone outside

· Keep technology out of your trunk

· Power bundles are great for car usage in case you get stranded

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