How to protect your car in extreme cold weather

NOW: How to protect your car in extreme cold weather

NILES,Mich. --- There are a few things mechanics suggest checking before you head out the door for your car, especially with the sub-zero temperatures on the way.

At Midas in Niles, they get a lot of calls during the winter season, mostly with the same problems.

“Two things, mainly batteries and tires, with the roads getting icier, people start to realize their tires are a little more bald than they thought they were,” Taylor Freel said, the store manager at Midas in Niles.

There are a few different ways the bitter-cold temperatures can affect your car.

“Batteries, the cells can actually freeze and you’ll come out in the morning and your car won’t start it won’t even crank over,” Freel said.

There are three main things drivers should ask themselves before getting out on the roads. One, do you have at least a half tank of gas? Two, do you have enough tread on your tires? And three, have you check the battery in your car? All of those things could cause problems for you if you haven’t checked them recently.

“Always keep a full gas tank, or at least half, I wouldn’t get below a quarter tank, especially it’s supposed to be getting below zero here in the next few days,” Freel said. “Condensation can build up in your tank and any water that might be in your tank from that condensation can freeze and obviously you can’t get frozen water through your fuel lines.”

Most auto and tire shops will test your battery for free which Freel recommends getting done as soon as possible.

“Your vehicle may be starting now, it might not start once it starts getting cold.”

There is also a helpful trick for checking whether or not your tires have enough tread at home. All you need is a penny. Place it in between the tire tread with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If the head is buried, your tires are in the clear! If you can see Lincoln’s head, your tires likely need to be replace.

 Freel does also have a recommendation for where you should get those tires changed…

“Get it down here to see me!”

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