How Twitter can bring home your lost pet

We use social media everyday. We use it to reconnect with old friends, upload photos from vacations, or even to get our news. But what if Twitter could help you find your missing pet?

That’s the mission for South Bend Animal Care and Control. They just launched their automated Twitter account this week that posts in real time whenever an animal is reported lost or found by the shelter.

Shelter Manager Matt Harmon says this requires no extra work for employees but comes with a ton of extra benefits.

“We want to make sure they’re being put back in their homes,” says Harmon.

There aren’t any new steps to take to get these reports to their new Twitter account.

By using their “Pet Point” system, they ingest the information of a lost or found animal and the program automatically pushes that out into a tweet.

“The community needs something like this,” says Harmon.

Right now, the account has about 75 followers but as the days progress Harmon hopes that number will grow and this will become a tool for the community.

You can follow them, here.

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