Large turnout for 2nd Congressional District debate

NOW: Large turnout for 2nd Congressional District debate

ELKHART, Ind. -- Voters from all across northern Indiana spilled into the Lerner Theatre Tuesday evening, anxious to hear more about the goals of the democratic candidates during Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District debate. Organizers say, in the years they’ve been hosting these debates during primary season, they’ve never seen a voter turnout like the one this season.

“I want someone who is going to solve the problems that are local to our area on a federal level. Medicare for all, most certainly, living wage, solving the student loan debt crisis,” said Jama Owens-Brown, a resident of Syracuse Indiana.

The winner of May’s democratic primary will face republican incumbent Jackie Walorski in the general election in November.

The democratic hopefuls hit on several important topics during that debate including taxes.

“There are permanent tax benefits to the very wealthy incorporations, short term benefits in some areas, takeaways in others for the middle class,” said democratic candidate Pat Hackett

Another topic was immigration reform.

“Immigrants provide so much economic to our industries … they work so hard,” said democratic candidate Yatish Joshi.

You could also find the candidates talking a lot about health care.

“We still have not fully implemented ‘Pay for Performance’ after 15 years, so I think we can do a number of things,”  said democratic candidate Mel Hall.

Other topics that came up include veterans care, climate change, and equal rights, something Deborah Chubb says is especially important to her vote.

“I’m looking for someone who is committed to holding the Executive Branch responsible and accountable for particularly rights maintained by women and international relationships,” said Deborah Chubb, a resident of LaPorte County.

“A return to democratic ideals. Needing people back in congress who are of the people, for the people,” said George Friend, another voter who attended the debate.

The Indiana primaries are set for Tuesday, May 8th.

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