Hundreds gather for Black Lives Matter protest in South Bend

NOW: Hundreds gather for Black Lives Matter protest in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Hundreds of people gathered for a Black Lives Matter protest in South Bend Friday. The protest began at Jon Hunt Plaza and ended at the County-City Building downtown.

Friday's march and rally was organized mainly by college and high school students in the area. Young people have been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement in the area and nationwide.

"We as the community, we as the next generation, we have to speak out and fight and be the change that we want to see," said Gelasius Morgan, a young activist for South Bend Black Lives Matter. "So we have to vote and organize in many communities throughout the country."

People from all different races, backgrounds, and ages were in attendance to support the movement.

"With everything that’s been going on these last couple weeks, I just needed a place just to process this pain," said Crystal Foster, a protester.

The protest began at 6 p.m. with speeches and songs from South Bend's youth. Protesters then marched to the County-City Building before returning to Jon Hunt Plaza.

Those in attendance of Friday's protest say they didn't want South Bend to be left behind in this national movement for change.

"The country and the world has been moved to this big picture where justice is served, that’s what I want to be part of," said Glenn Hochsteler, a protester. 

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