Hundreds of participants for Superhero 5K

NOW: Hundreds of participants for Superhero 5K


BUCHANAN, Mich. – Avery’s Angels is an organization that held a 5K at the McCoy Creek Trail Saturday morning.

The Superhero Run for Belly Buttons is a way to honor children and families who lose their belly buttons to specific procedures.

Bethany Cowan and her family organized this fundraiser.

“Well, all kids born with this condition are called bellybutton superheroes, because they all lose their bellybuttons during the process of repair. So these kids are superheroes. We want to honor them by doing this 5K, and we love superheroes! They are awesome representation of the kinds of things that these kids overcome in their everyday life. There are babies fighting battles that most adults couldn't overcome.” Cowan said.

Avery’s Angels has raised over $11,000 in the past four years.

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