Hundreds of people line up for Old2Gold Sale

Hundreds of people lined up to get inside the gates for the Notre Dame Old2Gold Sale Saturday morning. The sale kicked off at 7 a.m. inside the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds.

Some people were in line as early as around 4:30 p.m. the day before. “I came as much for the experience as for the stuff. I mean I know there’s people who come here for the stuff but it’s fun to hang out with people all night,” said Sue Korlan who was the first person in line.

She said she enjoyed spending the night outside the fairgrounds waiting to get inside.

“You just hang out all night, you get to know some people that you never met before and maybe never see again or you see them again next year. I mean the third car was someone I recognized from last year,” she added.

The items in the sale are donated by Notre Dame students and it is aimed at giving gently used items a second use while raising money for charity.

“We’re able to pick it up, sale it, and raise money for local charities so it’s a double edge thing where we’re raising money for charity and keeping the stuff out of the landfill,” said Coordinator Ian Hogan.

There are variety of items to choose from including bikes, electronics, furniture, and more. The money from the sale goes to local community service organizations. In 2015, the sale raised $36,568 for 21 different community service groups that operated the sale.

The sale will go on until 10 a.m. and it is a cash only.

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