I&M Educating First Responders on Electrical Safety

NOW: I&M Educating First Responders on Electrical Safety

ELKHART, Ind. -- Indiana-Michigan Power teamed up with several local police and fire agencies today, June 20, to share some safety tips on how to handle electrical equipment. 

They showed ladders getting electrocuted, boots being electrocuted, and some common equipment that both firefighters and first responders use coming into contact with electrical wires. 

"It's very important at I&M, safety is our number one priority, it's something that we will not compromise," stated Spokesperson for Indiana-Michigan Power Schnee Doyle. "So, we wanted to share our expertise and electrical safety with local police and fire departments who may respond to, you know, vehicle accidents or house fires, just so they are equipped with that electrical knowledge that they may not know."

They also emphasized the importance of avoiding contact at all costs and being careful when digging due to buried power lines.

Doyle continues, "With the safety trailer, we bring the safety trailer out, normally, to police and fire departments individually. But we wanted to bring everybody together today, for the sole purpose of having everybody learned together at the same time, you know, some fire departments may ask a different question, and another fire department may not even think of that question. So it's all about learning from each other."


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