Illinois-based trucking company has trailers stolen in Bremen, caught on surveillance camera

NOW: Illinois-based trucking company has trailers stolen in Bremen, caught on surveillance camera

BREMEN, Ind.-- An Illinois-based trucking company, with lots in Michiana, is facing about $300,000 in damages after six of its 50 semi-trailers were stolen over the course of a few months.

Rely transport has trucks on the road throughout the Midwest, with lots in LaPorte and Bremen.

The owners say they have spent nearly ten years with no issues whatsoever. But all of a sudde, over the past three months, six trailers have been stolen.

Laura and Matt Partikas own Rely Transport, Inc., with its main office in Joliet, IL. They said they installed surveillance cameras and trackers for each of their trailers after two went missing, but that didn't stop the thief.

In that surveillance video, which they sent to ABC57 News, you can see a truck pull up to their Bremen lot, hook up a trailer, and simply drive away.

"There's nothing much you can do," Laura said. "What do you do? Chase it? You can't."

They claim one of their drivers spotted the thief, telling them in a frantic phone call:

"I see a truck with the description and the picture you sent, right there on the road to Whitman. He's pulling into a truck stop to fuel up," Laura said.

The Partikas say the man responsible was finally arrested, but police have not yet confirmed that to ABC57 News.

"Relief that's it's hopefully going to stop now," Laura said. "Also, very angry. Why? Why would somebody do this?"

And from the surveillance video, it looked pretty easy.

"They're able to just get right in, hook up a trailer, and just leave?" asked ABC57's Annie Kate, to which the Partikas replied "yes."

But Laura said the criminal was very careful.

"Never took loaded trailer, though," she said. "It was always empty trailer."

The Partikas said the Indiana State Police recovered one of their trailers in Gary, and they hope this means they can get the rest of their stolen equipment back.

In the meantime, they are going through the headache of filing insurance claims.

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