Indian Summer? .... Eh close enough.

Its the first week of October, now well into early Autumn and we're breaking out the shorts as highs will peak this weekend in the lower 80s.


So is this Indian Summer or just an extended summer? Does it really matter? Not in the grand scheme of things, but its interesting none the less. 


Indian Summer, as I was taught, is an extended period of above normal temperatures after the first killing frost/freeze. This is backed up by the Glossary of the American Meteorological Society


The more "fuzzy" definition is what we have/are experiencing. A seasonal or unseasonably cool period prior to a stretch of above normal temperatures. Last week was cool and rainy, this week is sunny with highs reaching near 80° this weekend. 


I also found the possibly origin of the term " Indian Summer" interesting. 


 It dates back at least to 1778, but its origin is not certain; the most probable suggestions relate it to the way that the American Indians availed themselves of this extra opportunity to increase their winter stores. (AMS Glossary)


Regardless of what we call it,  its an extension of late summer weather, with mild days, yet still cool nights with low humidity ENJOY!


Click on the attached photo gallery, I posted a few pics of the Aspen from when I lived in Colorado in full Autumn gold. Don't forget to send us your pics!

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