Indiana 933 construction slows down drivers, business

NOW: Indiana 933 construction slows down drivers, business


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Some people in Michiana say a construction project on Indiana 933 is increasing commutes and impacting nearby businesses. 

In April, the Indiana Department of Transportation began a resurfacing project on a three mile stretch of Indiana 933 between Angela Boulevard and the Michigan state line by repairing sidewalks and replacing ADA ramps. 

The $5.2 million project progressed in July when crews started to repave the road. 

There have been various lane restrictions as a result. 

Drivers say the construction crews slow down their drive times and business owners think the lane closures make it hard for customers to get to their shops. 

“Right now, it’s going to slow us down a little bit but [I’m] not too concerned about it,” said Seth Wilder. 

Wilder co-owns a barber shop along Indiana 933. 

“We’ve had several cars come here to get their haircut and they ended up breaking a rim or popping a tire down by the underpass,” said Wilder. 

He says the road work leads to back ups during the morning and evening commutes which makes it tough for his customers to get in and out of his parking lot. He believes the construction is impacting his business, but Wilder believes the road work is worth it. 

“It’s only going to be better for business eventually,” said Wilder. “We get a lot of out-of-towners for Notre Dame games and stuff. The first thing you see coming from Michigan or wherever is junky roads. It doesn’t really look good for not just the shop, but the whole city.” 

An INDOT spokesman says crews should finish repaving the road within the next three weeks with the entire project wrapping up by September. 

“I understand what’s going on,” said Sandra Hawkins. 

Hawkins drove through the construction on Tuesday. She is excited to drive on a smooth, pothole free Indiana 933 in the near future. 

“There’s a lot of potholes and, you know, road issues because of the winter weather, so that does need to be taken care of,” said Hawkins. “I’m sure all of the residents and those who pass through are very grateful for that, but we also know in the meantime we’ve got to be patient with the whole process. It’s a little bit of a challenge getting around right now, taking a little longer on my trip out here than I thought.” 

Aaron Laurence lives and drives near 933. He agrees with Hawkins. 

“The roads were horrible,” said Laurence. “I drive through downtown a lot and it was bad, it was dodging potholes left and right, so I’m actually ecstatic that they’re finally fixing it.”

To learn more about the project and for information on detours, click here

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