Indiana church group helps flood victims

NOW: Indiana church group helps flood victims


PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- A central Indiana church is helping Marshall County flood victims restore their homes.

Members of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Group have worked on more than 100 homes in the county.

“They had a lot of water that was two to three feet high,” said Joe Fox, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Group. “We’re tearing some ceilings, but all the walls, all the way up and getting the floors bare so it can dry.”

The group has spent the past two months doing what Fox calls a “complete tear out,” cleaning up debris and ripping out walls that could become a health hazard. Once, they are finished removing the contaminated pieces Fox said they will spray the homes with anti-mold chemicals.

Fox said they bought some of their equipment with church tithe money and the rest has been donated by volunteers. Some of the volunteers have traveled hundreds of miles to come help.

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