Indiana couple cashes in on Mega Millions Jackpot

The Indiana winner of the $536 million Mega Millions Jackpot has claimed the prize. 

The winning couple sent a representative to Indianapolis to pick up the check Friday. 

Lauren Littlefield, the family’s representative, said the family is well-grounded and are some the kindest people she has ever met. 

Littlefield read a statement from the family:

We are incredibly humbled and overjoyed by our winnings. While we're excited, we're overwhelmed by the magnitude of what has happened. Our priority is to protect our children and keep our life normal. We ask that you respect our privacy.

The representative says the family obtained the winning ticket after stopping by a gas station and thinking, “Why not? Let’s buy a ticket!”

Littlefield says the family couldn’t believe it when they saw the winning numbers.

The family was in so much disbelief; they rebooted their computer and reloaded the lottery’s webpage. 

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