Governor Holcomb wins reelection bid

NOW: Governor Holcomb wins reelection bid

Governor Holcomb delivers victory speech

INDIANAPOLIS -- Incumbent Republican Governor Eric Holcomb has won his bid for reelection.

Holcomb faced Dr. Woody Myers (D) and Donald Rainwater (L) in his bid for reelection.

This will be Holcomb's second term.

Eric Holcomb (R)

Holcomb has worked alongside Governor Mitch Daniels, Senator Dan Coats, and Governor Mike Pence and worked as the former Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. He is also a six year veteran of the United States Navy where he worked as an intelligence officer. 

He graduated from Pike High School in Indianapolis and earned a degree in U.S. History from Hanover College in Southern Indiana.


COVID 19 – Under Holcomb,  more than 200 COVID-19 testing sites have launched statewide and PPE has been procured for local hospitals and nursing homes. Holcomb led Indiana’s reopening with the “Back on Track” plan following a phased, data-driven plan for reopening the state.

Education – Holcomb is committed to raising teacher pay in Indiana with the Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission. He also led efforts to increase safety at Hoosier schools, investing in metal detectors for more than 3,200 schools.

Economy – Holcomb believes in diversifying the economy and making sure every Hoosier can live within their means. Indiana’s personal income tax rate dropped to 3.23% in 2017, among the lowest in the nation.

Dr. Woody Myers (D)

Meyers is a third generation Hoosier, a medical doctor, and a former Indiana State Health Commissioner. A native of Indianapolis, he graduated from Shortridge High School and completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University before going on to graduate from Harvard Medical School.


COVID 19 – Myers has been outspokenly critical of Holcomb’s leadership through the coronavirus pandemic. He believes restrictions were lifted too early and that Indiana’s mask mandate is too lenient with no consequences for non-mask wearing Hoosiers.

Education – Myers believes all students should have access to high-quality education and is also committed to raising teacher pay in Indiana. As governor, he wants to allocate more funding to public schools to better their resources and curriculum.

Economy – Myers wants to work to diversify the economy by implementing policies to improve the business environment and recruiting businesses to bring more high-paying jobs to Indiana.

Donald Rainwater (L)

Rainwater is a lifelong Hoosier and graduate of Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. He is also an eight-year veteran of the United States Navy and spent several years teaching computer courses and software engineering.


COVID 19 – Rainwater believes Holcomb’s current mask mandate and the mandated closure of businesses and churches early on in the pandemic are an infringement on constitutional rights. He believes all Hoosiers should have the ability to decide for the themselves how to best navigate the pandemic.

Education – Rainwater wants to pass legislation to abolish statewide standardized testing. He also wants to simplify high school graduation requirements and reestablish vocational educational opportunities.

Economy – Rainwater wants to work with members of the General Assembly to abolish personal income tax and residential property taxes on primary residences in Indiana.

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