Indiana Hospitals launch website to make medical costs more transparent

Medical bills can be a headache, especially when the costs are unexpected. But the Indiana Hospital association is hoping to be a bit more transparent about the cost for care with a new website.

With the website you can looks up prices at all the hospitals in our area, including South Bend Memorial.

Here's how it works: log onto

Once you get on, select "Northern Indiana." 

You will be directed to a list of area hospitals like Elkhart General and Community Hospital of Bremen. 

You are then able to a view a list of procedures, like knee operations, birth, and respiratory. 

Clicking on a procedure will show you the price range for that procedure at that specific hospital, as well as the average price for that same procedure around the state. 

This gives you the ability to compare prices and consult with your insurance company on coverage.

The Indiana Hospital Association says this is a move for more transparency, something the government has instructed them needs to happen.

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