Indiana officials launch free website for mental health resources

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Many Hoosiers could be struggling with mental health during the pandemic, even if you have never struggled before.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on people’s everyday lives, health and for many—mental health, as well.

That is what inspired Indiana officials to launch a new website. It is called and is a free resource for all Hoosiers who might be struggling with mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

After many calls from worried Hoosiers, Indiana Family Social Services Administration knew they needed to answer those calls and create a one-stop shop to get people the help they need.

The available resources have been vetted by experts and range everywhere from counseling to coping methods and even includes tips for helping children at home.

Staying informed is one of the best ways you can cope through the pandemic, according to experts.

“There is absolutely no shame in needing to get help or assistance,” Rachel Halleck said, Deputy Director and Chief of Staff with the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. “Every person that I’ve ever met has had a time in their life that they’ve needed some help. And we encourage people to reach out for that help, rather than trying to deal with it alone because nobody has to deal with this crisis on their own by themselves.”

Mental health is something that people may have never struggled with before, but Halleck said everyone will be impacted by the pandemic in some way.

With many people throughout the community in uncertain positions now, whether that be financially, mentally or physically, COVID-19 can take its toll.

The natural consequences of the pandemic do not discriminate, according to Halleck.

Halleck said that no matter your race, religion or socioeconomic status, anyone can be impacted.

“People at in every walk of life are being impacted by this,” Halleck said. “And I think as a general rule of thumb, in terms of how we conceptualize it is it’s not a matter of if I will be impacted cognitively or emotionally by this it’s when and how.”

That is why it is crucial to address these issues early, according to Halleck.

Indiana Family Social Services Administration will continue to regularly update the to cater to Hoosiers beyond the current COVID-19 crisis.

Even if the website is not a useful tool for you, Halleck encourages people to pass along the information as it could be a resource that helps get a loved one back on their feet.

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