Indiana Rep. Tim Wesco's first responder safety bill heading to the Senate

A bill that aims to protect first responders is making its way to the Senate. The idea for the legislation came from right here in Michiana.

On Tuesday, the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed Bill 1122. It’s supported by State Representative Tim Wesco from Osceola.

The bill will provide confidentiality to first responders who are seeking help after experiencing a traumatic situation.

The idea initially came from Clay Fire Territory Chief Timm Schabbel.

The law would ensure that these men and women will have open lines of communication during a difficult time.

Aside from military personnel, first responders also experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With this bill, they will also be protected from the stress of possibly being called forward to testify any information disclosed when they seek help.

According to the state house, 30 other states have passed similar legislation.

Senator Joe Zakas is the bill’s Senate sponsor.

Wesco’s legislation will move to the Senate for consideration.

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