Indiana University starts its fall semester with precautions in place

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Indiana University opened for its fall semester on Monday but was a very different sight than is typical due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students wearing masks when on campus is required and there are signs posted all over that promote social distancing and good hygiene.

There are even guides showing people how to get around the grounds while avoiding large crowds.

Students we spoke to seem to be split on whether all the guidelines will be followed or not.

“I don’t think no one wants to get kicked off of campus, so therefore they’re gonna follow them, so I don’t think there’ll be big parties,” said Sophomore Brikea Sherrod.

“There’s always gonna be someone who’s gonna rebel a little and there’s definitely gonna be some sort of person trying to ruin it for everyone, so yeah I think someone’s gonna do something,” said Freshman Esther Ricardo.

Nearly half of the classes at the South Bend campus are virtual, though the university plans to have all classes move that direction by the middle of November.

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