Indiana wetland bill receiving criticism

NOW: Indiana wetland bill receiving criticism

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Governor Eric Holcomb signs his first piece of legislation for the year into law and it's already drawing criticism.

ABC57 told you last week about Indiana House Bill 1383 which strips protections from large amounts of Indiana's wetlands to make way for development.

Conservation group "Audobon Great Lakes" had asked for the bill to be vetoed, calling it a "recipe for flooding". They released a statement saying:

"This bill is a step in the wrong direction. Polling shows that 94 percent of Indiana voters believe that state leaders should either strengthen or maintain Indiana's current wetlands protections.

Audubon Great Lakes is disappointed by this rollback of wetland protections but is grateful to the thousands of concerned Audubon members and Hoosiers who raised their voice and spoke out against HB 1383.

We need policies that protect Indiana's wildlife, communities and natural resources. We look forward to continue working with lawmakers to achieve comprehensive wetland policy that is good for all Hoosiers."

ABC57 has continued to reach out to three local Indiana state lawmakers largely responsible for the bill: representatives Doug Miller, Timothy Weco, and Senator Blake Doriot.

None of them have responded.

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