Indianapolis Zoo announces names of new alligators

Photo courtesy: Indianapolis Zoo

INDIANAPOLIS – Facebook voted, the Zoo listened, and now four juvenile male American alligators at the Indianapolis Zoo have names.

Meet Champ, Chomp, Snapper, and Swamp!

The Zoo took to Facebook to ask users to vote for their favorite set of names for the quad, and 43% of the votes chose names based on lyrics from the Zoo’s new song, “Reptile Rhyme.”

The song was written specifically for the scaly creatures and will start airing on radios across Central Indiana beginning May 24.

If you want to see Champ, Chomp, Snapper, and Swamp, as well as their adult peers, the “Alligators & Crocodiles: The Fight to Survive” exhibit opens at the Zoo on May 29.

Click here to learn more about the Zoo’s newest residents.

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