Indy Congressman wears local "super scarf" to the Super Bowl

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Joanne Horak was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She lost both of her breasts during her treatment and today she is cancer free.

During her cancer scare she also, by choice, had a hysterectomy because her mom died from ovarian cancer. Horak wanted to do everything she could do to make sure she stays cancer free.

In September she came full circle after getting breast implants, a decision that she said makes her feel whole again.

"It makes you feel like a woman again," Horak said.

She said the cancer scare has really taught her to appreciate things more, "To appreciate life and you find out who your true friends are and your family, how much support you can get."

During her recovery she learned from her nurse about RiverBend Cancer Services in South Bend.

"They sent out this big binder with information and in it was a binder from here (RiverBend Cancer Services) that had different classes in it."

One of those classes was held each Wednesday. It was called Wellness Wednesdays. A group of men and women who are dealing with cancer or recovering from cancer gather to knit.

"I didn't know how to knit, I never knitted before." 

Horak and her sister joked about learning how to knit over the years and Joanne thought this would be a great chance to learn, for free, and with a group of people that are going through the same thing that she was.

"They were really patient teaching me how to do it, I took to it very easily."

In fact her first finished product was a blue and white scarf for the Super Bowl game. Horak took part in a nationwide effort to make scarfs for the thousand of volunteers working the big game.

"I made three scarfs and sent them off with a letter about my personal story." 

That story and the scarf made its way to Indianapolis Congressman Andre' Carson's office. He was touched by her story and impressed that it was her first knitting product, so impressed that he decided to wear the scarf at Super Bowl 46.

"It was just so cool, I'm so excited Horak said.

For information on how you can attend a support group at RiverBend Cancer Services click here.

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