Internet Casanova victims unite

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Dozen of women say he lied about who he really was and he stole more than their hearts. Ray Holycross of Plymouth, better known as the "Internet Casanova" will be in court on Tuesday.

He remains in the St. Joseph County Jail on a felony theft charge.

Many of his victims are uniting in support of one another as his upcoming court hearing nears.

The 29-year-old man was locked up on February 19th. Ever since that time, the woman who took him down has been busy contacting the dozens of women Holycross slept with, who he lied to and he met online at various dating sites.

Theresa Bridegroom has been counting the days until Ray Holycross' courtroom hearing that will take place on Tuesday, March 12th.

"I mean I have documents and stuff- all of us do, we have texts, emails, we have receipts for everything you know, to back it up. If I didn't, I wouldn't be in court with him right now for the theft of my camera," said Bridegroom.

Mishawka Police confiscated an iPhone and laptop computer of Bridegroom's that Holycross used while in a 6 month relationship with Bridegroom to search for more clues on other possible crimes he might have some involment. 

However a few days after his arrest they brought the items back.

She said she immediately started contacting the 70 plus women that he was having sexual relations with to let them know the man they knew was a fraud.

"We are sticking together and we're not backing down!" Bridegroom said on Sunday evening.

So far women have come forward from, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and here in Indiana- sharing stories of broken dreams and broken hearts.

The Mishawaka Mom said, "All of us know what it is like to go through."

She said they have formed a private Facebook just for the victims where they can vent, gain support and post pictures or videos of their time with Holycross.

The group of women are hoping more females come forward with proof that Holycross is guilty of stealing more than just their hearts.

Holycross also has a warrant out of Howard County for stealing a gun from a downstate ex-lover. She also plans to be in St. Joseph County for Holycross' hearing come Tuesday- along with other victims.

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