Interurban Trolley offering rides to get COVID-19 vaccine

ELKHART, Ind. – Beginning March 31, the Interurban Trolley is offering transportation to Hoosiers getting their COVID-19 vaccine.

The following vaccine sites are accessible via the Trolley:

  • Elkhart General Hospital (on the Yellow Line)
  • Elkhart County Health Department at Lincoln Center (on the Green Line)
  • Heart City Health Simpson Avenue Location (on the Orange Line)
  • Kroger Pharmacy on Johnson (on the Blue Line)
  • Kroger Pharmacy on Hively (on the Green & Orange Lines)
  • Kroger Pharmacy on Chicago Avenue in Goshen (on the Red Line)
  • Meijer Pharmacy in Dunlap (on the Red Line)
  • Walmart on CR 6 (on the Blue Line)
  • Walmart on Ash Road (on the Yellow Line)
  • Walmart in Dunlap (on the Red Line)
  • Walmart in Goshen (on the Red Line)

Face masks must be properly worn by all passengers and transit operators while on the Trolley or ADA Access Van. Exemptions are made for children under the age of two and those with medical conditions who have a signed doctor’s note.

This mask mandate will continue after the Governor’s mandate ends on April 6. The Trolley is a public transit operator subject to requirements made by the CDC and the Transportation Security Administration.

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