Investigation continues for two killed Bernese Mountain dogs

NOW: Investigation continues for two killed Bernese Mountain dogs

NILES, Mich - Stacey Pirri-Huckins and her family tirelessly searched for their two Bernese Mountain dogs, Bianca and Ophelia, for nearly two weeks.

Their efforts included online searches, visits to shelters and door-to-door knocking.

The Facebook community led the family to a tip revealing the dogs were found on the roadside just minutes from their home.

Heartbreakingly, Bianca and Ophelia, the mother-daughter duo, were discovered shot dead with a handgun.

A county animal control deputy told ABC57 news the potential charge, should someone be charged, could be intentional infliction of pain and suffering of an animal.

These charges are classified as felonies and can carry up to four years in prison.

So far, no updates have been released, but the family is still looking for help with finding answers.

Police have not announced any arrests, but the Berrien County Prosecutor's Office says there's an ongoing investigation.

The family currently has a GoFundMe to gather reward money for anyone with information, and its already up near $1,000. 

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