Investigators searching for motive of stabbing homicide

NOW: Investigators searching for motive of stabbing homicide

WARSAW, Ind.- ABC57 News first told you Thursday, 23-year-old Derrick Wandrick is being charged with the murder of 21-year-old David Strowder Jr. Strowder Jr. was stabbed 63 times.

All investigators involved in this case agree this is the worst case, “This was the most violent of injuries that I have seen and been involved with,” says Kosciusko County Corner Tony Ciriello. “Stabbings in this county the most I had ever seen was one.”

“In my 20 plus years of law enforcement that’s probably the most i have ever seen,” says the lead investigator Lt. Todd Sautter.

Both Lt. Sautter and Ciriello came forward with new details on this homicide investigation.

“A witness in the area observed the body of the victim,” says Lt. Sautter. “Right now we’re pretty confident we have our main suspect in custody.”

Wandrick is currently being charged with the murder of Strowder Jr. “There was a shirt that was found at the residence that the defendant was wearing or had in his possession with blood on it,” adds Sautter.

Family already confirmed with ABC57 these two men were cousins and on Friday Lt. Sautter confirmed the family tie.

“There is a family connection; that exact connection is not clear but they are family connected.”

The coroner says Wandrick took a kitchen knife to Strowder Jr’s body.
“A 6 inch blade, cutlery type knife,” says Sautter. “We believe it happened in the car.”

“The primary target region was the chest, stomach area on the front some on the back and back of the neck,” adds Ciriello.

The only detail confirmed by the suspect is that he drove, the vehicle they were in, back to Elkhart…a city he was familiar with.

“We believed he came here and was living in the Elkhart area for several weeks,” says Sautter.

Police are still investigating and are still in search of a motive. Wandrick was arrested in Elkhart and is currently at the Kosciusko County jail being held without bond.

His initial hearing was on Friday.

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