Irish extend the losing streak to three games in 73-61 loss to Miami

NOW: Irish extend the losing streak to three games in 73-61 loss to Miami

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame can't overcome Miami even with their second half spark which, included sitting two starters.

The Irish starters lacked effort in the first half according to head coach Micah Shrewsberry. That led to Miami's 6'7 forward Norchad Omier having his way and Notre Dame just happened to be the victim Wednesday night.
"He was way too comfortable out there. Way too comfortable." Shrewsberry said.

Omier finsihed the game with 33 points and 10 rebounds. 20 in the first half.

"The 20 points in the first half is as disrespectful he was getting wide open dunks, he's getting offensive rebound, he's getting layups like he hit two threes because our ball screen covers we weren't where we were supposed to be like, a lot of things went into that," Shrewsberry added.

The Irish had their opportunities causing the Hurricanes to turn the ball over 20 times. But in the second half, effort sparked a lineup change. Shrewsberry sat two starters Kebba Njie and Carey Booth.

"That group established from the start of the second half how hard you needed to play in order for us to win. So I was gonna roll with those dudes the rest of the half," Shrewsberry mentioned.

"Whatever I say here is not a surprise. Because they've already heard it. I would rather lose with the dudes that are gonna play the right way. They're gonna build this culture, then win with somebody that's not like doing it the right way. Right? Not say they haven't been they've played completely. They pay really hard and other games. I hope this helps them play really hard against Boston College the same way they sat and watch those dudes compete like that," Shrewsberry said.

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