Irish get early wake-up call

NOTRE DAME - On Saturday the Irish have their first early kickoff of the season at Pittsburgh.

The game is set for 12:07 p.m. start, but Head Coach Brian Kelly said not to worry. Kelly said the players are used to being up and about. At Notre Dame they have to have their classes done by early afternoon.

"Here our guys have to get all our classes done by 1:30. That's hard to do at Notre Dame which means you've got to take a lot of early classes, and we weight train in the morning, so our guys are up in the morning. I'm not concerned about it at Notre Dame," said Kelly.

The players, too said it doesn't really affect what they're job for the day is, it just changed the time of the wake-up call.

"Earlier wake up call, earlier breakfast, earlier pregame,” said Inside Linebacker Manti Te’o.

Some are even looking forward to the earlier start.

 "I'm actually excited for an early game. It’s almost like training camp. Get up and get ready to go and I think the whole team's just going to have a mindset as soon as we get up it’s game time,” said Safety Harrison Smith.

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