Irish prep for Michigan State

 NOTRE DAME, Ind.--  Heading in to week 3 for college football and the Irish are ranked number 20. But, this week, they'll face their first top 10 opponent when they head to East Lansing to play number 10 Michigan State. 

On Tuesday, Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly held his weekly practice preview to discuss goals for the weekend's game. 

The Irish face a tough match up against Michigan State but Notre Dame has shown versatility against both Navy and Purdue. 

Last season Notre Dame upset a strong MSU team and handed them one of their three losses of the year. 

The Irish hope to do the same this weekend on the road. 

After a success but disappointing game against unranked Purdue, the Irish have to step it up for Saturday's match up against number 10 Michigan State.

"I think the team that can control the football, minimize the turnovers is gonna be the team that has the best chance to win. So if Michigan State can exhert their will on both fronts, the offense line and the defensive line, I think we probably know how that game is gonna go,"said Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly. 

The Spartans have one of the top defenses in the country. They rank fifth in pass efficiency defense and 8th in total defense. 

"We know what kind of game it's going to be. It's going to be a physical game. You can't win close games unless you play good run defense, There's no chance. You're going to find yourself on the short end of most of those games," said Kelly. 
While Michigan State will be cranking up their defense against the Irish rushing game, Notre Dame has to find a way to stop the Spartans star running back Le'Veon Bell. 

"The challenge is that he plays, and he plays every down. He keeps coming after you, and he's relentless, physical and he's just a throwback," said Kelly. "The more carries tgets the better he gets."

Besides Michigan State's strength on the field, playing at Spartan Stadium is a battle of its own. But, Coach Kelly said the Irish are up for the challenge 

"It's something that we continue to work on every single day because we knew the schedule we were going in to and you better be physically tough and mentally tough or you're going to get run out of the stadium," said Coach Kelly. 

The Irish kick off at 8 on Saturday night at Spartan Stadium. 

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