ISP: Meth trash a growing problem in local waterways

MARSHALL CO., Ind. -- The Indiana State Police are working to clear meth trash from local waterways.

Last week, members of the ISP Meth Supression Section and the Underwater Search Rescue/Recovery Team joined forced to remove trash from the Yellow River in Marshall County.

Police became aware of the problem after local fishermen reported seeing several suspicious items floating in the water near Peach Road and 14th Road.

Officers spent the day combing the waters. They were able to retrieve "more than two dozen plastic bottles that were used as 1-Pot Reaction Vessels or Hydrogen Chloride Gas Generators as well as empty pseudoephedrine blister packs, burnt foil strips, soiled coffee filters, empty instant cold packs, aquatic tubing, salt, and smoking devices."

Police want to remind citizens that outdoor meth labs are toxic, flammable, corrosive, and acidic. They can also be highly explosive when mixed with other chemicals. Fumes from the toxins can be poisonous and hurt your body.

If you come across a meth lab, call the Indiana State Police Meth Hotline at 1-800-453-4756, or Report It Online.

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